The Certification Process

  1. Obtain a voucher

    Whether you are attempting the eCRE certification exam on your own or after having attended one of our approved training courses, you will need to obtain a voucher before you can start your certification process.

    Please note that ARES course includes a free voucher in the Full and Elite plans

    Once you obtain the voucher you will receive login credentials to our Certification area where you will manage the exam and everything related to the certification process from the beginning up to the shipment of your certificate.

  2. Begin the certification process

    Every voucher expires after 180 days from purchase unless you have the Infinity voucher which comes with no expiration.

    Before the certification expires, you will have to begin the certification process by clicking on "Begin certification process".

    The expiration date will always be available in your certification area and reminder emails are sent to make sure you take advantage of the voucher.

  3. Theoretical test - stage 1

    As soon as you click on the "Begin certification process" button you will be able to start your theoretical test consisting of 45 multiple choice questions.

    You have 90 minutes to respond to these questions.

    Please make sure that your internet connection is reliable: should you fail to submit your exam within 90 minutes, you will lose the whole voucher without free retakes.

    Every correct answer will give you one point. You need at least 38 points (84%) to pass the Stage 1 .

    Once you submit your exam, you will immediately know the final score. Failing to pass Stage 1 will determine the loss of the voucher.

  4. Practical test - stage 2

    Once you have successfully completed Stage 1, you have 14 days to start the Stage 2 : the practical test.

    The practical test consists of the reverse engineering of a Windows based application to run on your own machine. We advise you to prepare your environment with a Windows XP machine and OllyDBG (or any other debugging tool your are comfortable with).

    You have 24 hours from the download of the application and the examiner questions, to submit your PDF report with your answers. These questions are related to the reverse engineering that you have performed and will assess the understanding and the thoroughness of your analysis.

  5. Obtain results

    One of our instructors will carefully review your report and if your findings and the quality of the report is deemed sufficient to pass the exam, you will become an eCRE.

    Should you fail the first attempt of Stage 2, you will be notified via email and will be entitled for a free retake.

    The retake consits of a new application to reverse engineer. You have 24 hours to upload your retake report from the moment you download your retake application.

    Once you pass the exam you will find the digital certificate immediately downloadable and verifiable.

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